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New anti-virus.

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New anti-virus.

Post by owaispoul »

I want new good anti virus software now. Nowadays I use Kaspersky anti-virus. But due to this anti virus my computer become very slow. So I do not work faster on my computer. I want some advice which anti-virus is best for my computer and which one does not reduce speed of computer. If anyone has information please share here.
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Post by iwanwidjaja »

Hi there :)

I'm come from Indonesia and in my country there is one local antivirus that very popular because of its tiny size [ less than 4 mb ], portability [ dont have to install it, just copy and paste ] , can be integrated with clam av to add some extended virus database, and on the top of all, its free :D

The name is PCMAV [ pc media antivirus; pc media itself is a popular computer magz in indonesia ]

If you use it without integrated it with clam av, it just use about 20-30mb of memory resource, but when integrated with clam av, it cost a whooping 180mb due to its large virus database T.T

Another thing, right now it only works on 32bit operating system

Try grab it. on my personal opinion, it was more reliable than any free antivirus available out there.....

link 1

right now the latest build is version 2.3

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Post by notareal »