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More Integration?

General information regarding development of exporters and plugins
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More Integration?

Post by NimrodWarrior »

HI all. New user here, but have been a solid modeler for 15+ years, and just stumbled on Kerkythea this weekend. I'm super excited to start using it, but was wondering if any integration has been considered for some of the more "corporate" solid modeling packages (such as SolidWorks, NX, etc.). I'm an NX user and as such, something that would allow me to work with parasolid (.x_t) files would be awesome. Any thoughts?
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Re: More Integration?

Post by notareal »

It's pretty much up to possible plugin writer. At the moment developer team is busy with Thea render and it's not likely we can build any new exporter. But if there is someone interested, he definitely will get our helping hand.
Naturally if those application can export .obj or .3ds, then KT can import models. Probably you will need to use mesh emitters as light source as .obj/3ds has no support for light components. Camera(s) should export fine as those formats do support camera.
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