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Windows 10 2018 Error Installation MISSING FOLDERS

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Windows 10 2018 Error Installation MISSING FOLDERS

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I've been using kerkythea for almost 4 years already and this is the first time I'm having issues with it. I have recently had my laptop reformat for the purpose of my wifi hardware and because of that I had to install all my programs again. Before being reformatted, I was able to use the program fine. When I downloaded and installed kerkythea from the website, there's a lot of folders missing from the kerkythea rendering engine folder.

- MaterialsEditor
- Globals
- language
- locations
- models
- n-k
- Render settings

Basically, I only have the examples and licenses on the folder. I haven't been able to render anything since there's no basic materials installed from the library. There's also no render settings to choose from. I have no idea what is happening and I have installed and uninstalled the whole program for about 5 times already. There really is no other folder being installed. I followed specifically the installation process and still get nothing. When I try to import library, all it says is it cannot archive library. I already followed what others did to have their materials installed but again nothing happened.

I hope there could be someone who could address this, as I really like using this program.

Thank you!