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Procedural Clipping Maps?

Show us your material libraries that will make the perfect render.

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Procedural Clipping Maps?

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Hello everybody,

I am working on revising some renders of old projects that I am not happy with for my portfolio. I’d also like for all my projects to show my current presentation ability as opposed to what it was when I put the project together.

Anyways I was looking through some examples/tutorials and came across this rendering tutorial:

In here Nick Rechelet explains how he got his texture for his building skin using a 3ds procedural map. I had done something similar with a clipping map for my thesis project, but the texture lacked the inherent “randomness” of the procedurally generated chips.
Chip Procedural.jpg
I am wondering if there is a way to generate a black & white clipping or bump map using procedures in vanilla Kerkythea? If not is there a plug-in someone could recommend? Alternatively I could likely find a way to generate a large map texture in photoshop using a custom brush and path, but that seems like the “long way” to test out different options.