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Sample files

General information regarding development of exporters and plugins
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Sample files

Post by giannis »


if you are interested in writing an exporter to Kerkythea, I created a sample project (C++/VC6/VC8 project files) creating a small Kerkythea XML file.

The file can be opened afterwards in Kerkythea and rendered. If there is interest, I can plan to update the sample files involving more complex information.


ps. The sample files are visible for download only for registered members.
Sample project exporting basic XML file.
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Post by lsn1980 »

I have a question about Bitmap Texture.

for the list 2 prameter,
"<Parameter Name=\"Scale X\" Type=\"Real\" Value=\"1\"/>\n";
"<Parameter Name=\"Scale Y\" Type=\"Real\" Value=\"1\"/>\n";

the Type is "Real". Have any other Type for the this ? like "percent"?