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Zbrush 4 and GOZbrush

General information regarding development of exporters and plugins
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Zbrush 4 and GOZbrush

Post by Prosthesis »

This is a note or request for the devs of Kerkythea. Please forgive me if it's in the wrong section.

I've really enjoyed kerkythea. Specifically the pipeline with Sketchup.

My favorite program for modeling organic models however is Zbrush. Unfortunately Zbrush does not have a quality built in renderer. I had really hoped to bring both my Sketchup (architectural/mechanical) and Zbrush (organic) models into kerkythea for rendering.

Unfortunately I've had a very difficult time importing various texture maps into kerkythea. I blame my inexperience in this aspect of 3d workflow. Which brings me to my point.

Zbrush is working in partnership with other 3d apps and renderers for a (one button) solution exporter of all your maps. I'd love it if kerkythea could be counted among them. Details can be seen in the video in this thread. ... p?t=071414

I think some stunning zbrush models rendered in Kerkythea would add some new flavor to the already stunning kerkythea galleries. And for myself it would be a godsend.

If any of the devs would be interested in partnering with Zbrush in this endeavor I think the gentleman you need to contact over at forums is Pixolator.

Anyway thanks for indulging my wishful plea. :)
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Post by giannis »

We are definitely looking for co-operation with plugin developers. And we welcome any users that help in "connecting" developers with us.

If Pixelator or another developer is interested, then by all means we would like to get in touch. But it is somewhat inconvenient for us to take the first step here. We have made the call, so we are waiting for plugin developers to make the next step.

Of course, users may point plugin developers towards us and this is - of course - much appreciated.

best wishes