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Adding Files to the Site Repository

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Adding Files to the Site Repository

Post by giannis »

This is step-by-step the procedure to add files in the repository.
First of all, you have to be administrator or super administrator
for this or have the common code of super administrator.

Step 1
Go to
Put your login & password. Warning: You must have javascript
enabled on your browser!

Step 2
You should be now logged in the control panel of joomla.
From the main menu above, click on Components > Remository.

Step 3
Now you are in front of Remository control panel. From
here you can add categories and/or files. For a file, press
the "Manage Files" button. You will see the list of all
available files, plus some buttons on the top-right corner
of the page.

Step 4 - Delete
If you want to completely delete a file, you have to check
on the left of the name, and then press the button "Delete File"
on the upper-right corner.

Step 5 - Update
If you want to update a file, click on the file. This will redirect
you to the page where you edit all the elements of the file,
such as its description, author, etc. There is an edit box called
"New File" and right on it, a button "Choose". Press the button
and choose the new file from your PC. After doing that, you
can press the Save button on the top-right corner to finally
upload the file. This will bring you again back to the files page.

Step 6 - New File
If you want to create a new file, click on the "Add Local" button.
This will redirect you to the same form as in update, which is
now empty and you have to fill it. Put version, description, author, etc.
and of course in the New File, press Choose to select the file from
your PC. Two more things are important found on the top of the
page: "Suggest Location" where you select the category that the
file exists, and the "Published" check that you should check it
if you want the file to be immediately published.

Step final
When you are completely finished adding files, you can press
on the "logout myname" found at the top-top-right of the joomla
page to exit the joomla administration.

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Post by didelco »

there are a simply way in remository you send file and wait to someone active it,

the bad you must wait to some administrator active it

the good, is mre simple and you haven't to be an administratr to sent files

to send links is very similar