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Kerkythea is a freeware software that can produce high quality renders without spending a cent on software licensing. Kerkythea is using physically accurate materials and lights, aiming for the best quality rendering in the most efficient timeframe, with target to simplify the task of quality rendering by providing the necessary tools to automate scene setup, such as staging using the GL real-time viewer, material editor, general/render settings, editors, etc., under a common interface.

Getting Started Guide

Kerkythea is a full staging application for rendering your models. And now it’s available for all major platforms Windows, Linux and MacOSX! It accepts .3ds or .obj models, as well as having powerfully developed free exporter for SketchUp.


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Getting Started Guide

If you are new to Kerkythea you are welcome to see the “Getting Started Guide” pdf, which covers the basics that one needs to know to start rendering with Kerkythea.

Material Editor Guide

Materials are a very important part of rendering and can make the difference between a photo realistic and an artificial-looking image. Kerkythea provides a powerful material editor system that allows great control over the final material. Download here the Material Editor Guide pdf.