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c4d users please introduce yourselfs!

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Post Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:36 pm

c4d users please introduce yourselfs!

hi to all,
this is the place to discuss things about KT & C4d!
i would like from older members of the KT forum to share their knowledge
and post tips & info for better understanding the renderer (form the C4d user view).

studio*moccoro at your service



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Post Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:15 pm

Let begin...

Well, let begin with this new section :D There are many things to discuss here, indeed, but where from to begin :wink:

To be honest C4D's renderer is a little bit outdated but despite this it has a so firm flexibility, from its very first appearance, that it is very difficult to ignore it when you want a highly versatile and fast renderer, especially for non strictly photorealistic imagery (recently they integrated to it Vray as a plugin so now they have a much more modern rendering choice too). Without doubt somebody may find a lot of things to be inspired from C4D's working ways.

Let say here that its demo is rendering without watermarks, it has only the 'save' disabled (as it is expected :wink: :) ) It is worth having a look at it, especially in the case you are a programmer looking fo some insight and ideas. Its 'visible lights' for example: they render in seconds and they give a believable feel of light's flow through thick and misty atmospheres. Some feature very nice to have in a renderer, even if it is a result of a programming trick :wink:

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